Our Pursuit

Our Vision
What We See Our Church Being Like
Our church is a modern, generational church that speaks the language of our time and culture. Followers of Jesus who are passionately sold out to the purpose and plan of God. We’re people who are salt and light to our community and beyond.

Our Mission
What We Are Going To Achieve
Our purpose as a church is to win people to Jesus, disciple believers, connect people to God and others in fellowship and equip people for ministry.

Our Values
What We Esteem
• Love
• Faith
• People
• Honour
• Courage
• The Bible
• Generosity
• Adaptability
• Faithfulness
• Perseverance

Our Name
We wanted a name that declares God’s intention for people’s lives. The Bible is full of accounts that demonstrate how God takes everyday people, rescues them and speaks great promises about them and their future. Jesus came proclaiming freedom, restoration and transformation for all. We believe that when people walk in Jesus’ promises He causes them to become victorious.